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Annual Report 2013






Toyota Australia

Sustainability Report 2013

The 2013 report – ‘driving our future’ saw us create an online report that could be downloaded along with a printed brochure of highlights. The cover image was shot in a Toyota Camry Hybrid with James Knowler wedged in the back seat amongst multiple bags full of camera kit, rigging and a tripod – kudos to James for an awesome shot in a unique location!


General Practice Victoria

Annual Report 2012

The report for General Practice Victoria communicates the role of the organisation in integrating medical practitioners and other primary health care providers to meet the healthcare needs of the Victorian community.


Toyota Australia

2012 Highlights Brochure

In 2013 Toyota celebrates 50 years of manufacturing in Australia. Our design for this anniversary brochure included a timeline, graphics for a summary of the key facts and illustrations of 10 vehicles to highlight the achievements over the 50 years.


Toyota Australia

Report 2012

We have been engaged by Toyota Australia to design their Sustainability Reports since 2008.The 2012 report featured our illustrations supporting Toyota’s global theme of the tree as a visual metaphor for sustainability and growth.



Annual Report 2012

ANZSOG is a leading educational institution that teaches strategic management and high-level policy to public sector leaders. The 2012 annual report utilises strong black and white photography to communicate the achievements of ANZSOG throughout the year.


Hanover Welfare Services

Annual Report 2012

Hanover is a leading Melbourne-based agency that provides both research and services to people experiencing homelessness or housing crisis. This report features stories and images of clients and supporters of Hanover.



Annual Report 2012

The design of the 2012 annual report illustrates the different aspects of the research data and how it relates to housing, homelessness and cities.